Location: Mandala, Thapagaun
Time: 1hrs 45mins
A love relationship develops between Sikhum and Saya during a cultural trip to Salpa Silichung, while they were picking Bhairungpati and Sunpati (Indigenous names of plants). They elope together. Kalia (a middleman-Matchmaker) arrives at Saya's mother-in-law's house to explain about the marriage and to gain socio-cultural legitimacy for their marriage. Kalia starts his procedure among the village community. Saya's mother expresses grief about Saya's father being lost while going to Salpa Silichung, and now her daughter has also run away from the same place. She expresses some doubts about Salpa Silichung. Then Kalia tells the Mundumi Story about Salpa Silichung, the holy place where Sumnima and Paruhang loved each other. The play progresses with mythical stories. The story of the First Man being created in the Salpa Silichung region is narrated from the Mundum. The love story of Sumnima-Paruhang is depicted, showing the beginning of human civilization and their love. After the story, Saya's mother accepts. Sikhum and Saya are given social-cultural legitimacy for their love marriage.
Baakhaamma' is a Mundumi character often heard of among the Kirat Rai caste, but given little attention. According to MUNDHUM, the formless creator Rumuhang (Paruhang) created Bakhamma by mixing ash and clay in water formed by dew.
In Kirat Rai culture, Mundumi stories are a must in any event from birth to death. Especially the stories of 'Hetchakuppa, Tayama, and Khiyama', along with many more of 'Sumnima-Paruhang', are told. Though these stories are referred to and told with different names, styles, and images, there is almost a common consensus around the Rai community about Sumnima-Paruhang being the creator. Thus, 'Sumnima-Paruhang' is taken as a symbol of unity and faith within the Kirat Rai community. They also equally believe in Salpa Silichung, a place chosen by Paruhang as a pure and holy place during the creation of human beings. They believe Silichung to be a symbol of Sumnima-Paruhang.
In the play 'Baakhaamma: Man in Mundum', we aim to explore and understand the culture, experiences, knowledge, and cultural beauty of Indigenous (Raithane) culture, knowledge, or cultural beauty created during the development of civilization, which has been faithfully preserved till today by the Kirat Rai community. Among the many stories of Kirat Rai origins, we attempt here to tell the story of the First Man based on the MUNDUM.
We believe that this effort also strengthens the movement for cultural identity in our search for our roots. Throughout the drama, we address the belief in the beauty and originality of our Indigenous heritage and encourage efforts to promote it. And there is always something to discuss.
Writing a play or creating one is not just about fulfilling the desire to be called a writer or director. Perhaps it means to showcase the aesthetic awareness of society through art. Through the play 'Baakhaamma: Man in Mundum', we have endeavored to express the confidence and philosophy of life of the Kirati Community, which has endured through centuries in Nepali society. More can be seen and felt during and within the play.

Start Date: April 26, 2024
End Date: April 26, 2024

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